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Join the Beat from Anywhere: Energizing Online Dance Fitness Sessions!

At Fit on Beat, distance doesn’t dim the energy and the rhythm never stops! We bring the vibrancy and passion of dance fitness directly to your screen, allowing you to join our dynamic workouts from the comfort of your home, office, or any corner of the world. Our online sessions are designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, offering the flexibility and convenience you need to maintain your fitness journey without missing a beat.



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No Gym, No Problem: Unleash Your Energy with Online Dance Workouts!

Our live-streamed classes connect you with our certified instructors in real-time, ensuring you receive the guidance, motivation, and community vibe that define our studio sessions. From high-energy Zumba to the joyful rhythms of Bollywood and Bhangra workouts, functional training, cardio blasts, HIIT, Korean aerobics, mat Pilates, to the serene flows of yoga, our diverse online offerings cater to all tastes and fitness levels.

Why Choose Our Online Classes?


No commute means more time for you. Join our classes from wherever you are, at times that fit your schedule.

Expert Instruction

Our instructors are not only certified but passionate about making each class an unforgettable experience.


With a wide range of dance styles and fitness programs, every day brings something new and exciting.


Become part of a supportive online community that motivates and uplifts each other, no matter where you're joining from.


Our classes are designed to deliver real fitness results, whether you're looking to improve your health, lose weight, or simply add more joy to your exercise routine.

Embark on a fitness journey that promises fun, flexibility, and fulfillment. Browse our schedule to find your next class and discover how easy and enjoyable it is to fit exercise into your busy life. It’s time to energize your routine, challenge your body, and stimulate your mind—all from the convenience of your chosen space. With Fit On Beat, you’re just a click away from transforming your fitness routine. Join us online and let’s dance our way to health and happiness together!


Online Sessions FAQ's

No special equipment is needed! Just ensure you have a stable internet connection, a device to stream the class (laptop, smartphone, tablet), and enough space to move freely. For certain classes like mat Pilates or yoga, a yoga mat is recommended for comfort.

Signing up is easy! Visit our website, browse the class schedule, and select the class you wish to join. After registering and completing your payment, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to access the live class.

Absolutely! We welcome participants of all fitness levels, including beginners. Our instructors provide modifications to ensure everyone can follow along and enjoy the workout.

We offer a wide variety of classes, including Zumba, Bollywood Workout, Bhangra Workout, functional training, cardio, HIIT, Korean aerobics, mat Pilates, and yoga. There’s something for everyone, regardless of your fitness or dance experience.

Most classes are between 45 to 60 minutes long. Please check our schedule for specific class durations.

We understand that life can get busy. For many of our live classes, we offer a recording that you can access for a limited time after the class has ended, ensuring you never have to miss out on your workout.

Yes, our classes are interactive! You can ask questions or seek clarifications using the chat feature. Instructors do their best to address questions while keeping the class engaged and moving.

Consistency is key to seeing results. We recommend participating in classes 3-4 times a week, but even once a week can make a significant difference in your fitness journey when combined with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Our classes are designed for adults of all ages. For younger participants, we recommend supervision or checking out any specific youth or teen programs we may offer.

Yes, our online classes are accessible worldwide. All you need is an internet connection and a device to stream the class. Just be mindful of the time zone differences when scheduling your classes

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